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The University of Gour Banga has been established by the West Bengal Legislative Assembly vide West Bengal Act XXVI of 2007. The Appointed Date as per Kolkata Gazette dated 14th March, 2007 is March 10, 2008. From this date all Sections of the Act except Section 1 and Section 57 have come into force. The University Council as per Section 58(2) has come into effect from May 26, 2008 vide Kolkata Gazette dated 28th May, 2008.

Vice-Chancellor Desk

Professor Gopalchandra Misra
The concept of on-line admission is nothing new to the University of Gour Banga. It has already got satisfactory experience in the field by virtue of undergoing centralized on-line procedure for admission to B.Ed. course for last four years. Now, in order to honour the heart-felt wish of our beloved Chief Minister and full-fledged support of our honourable Education Minister-in-Charge, we have prepared ourselves for smooth as well as fruitful implementation of Centralized on-line admission for the budding aspirants for getting admission to general courses at Under Graduate level auspices of this University.